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obra creates high-quality, software-based renderings; we work with light and shadow, the right ambience, the best angle, coordinated colours and the ideal arrangement of objects. We offer interior and exterior 3D visualisations, 360° panoramas, virtual tours, photo montages and animations. Our work is always based on the calculated physical parameters, with models reproduced to scale and using a representation of the planning data that is accurate in every detail.


  • 1 exterior image
  • 3 interior images


  • 2 exterior image
  • 5 interior images


  • 3 exterior images
  • 7 interior images
  • Virtuelle tour

Striking imagery for your projects

We create striking imagery for your building projects, which gets to the heart of what your project is all about. Decision-makers in architecture, construction, marketing, and investors – all face the challenge of how to present their proposition to the target audience at different stages of the project. Photorealistic 3D visualisations are now a must for successful project planning and project communication in the property sector.

We develop an individual visual language

The way in which the collaborative process works is very simple, since we emphasise a coherent overall concept. First of all, we work with you to develop a concept plan and specific criteria for the rendering. We determine the target group and the narrative you wish to construct. Depending on the sector concerned – whether that’s architecture, property, engineering or product design – we develop an individual visual language designed specifically for your project.

It goes without saying that we always keep your data and information confidential.
The result is a digital rendering of the highest quality to help you in your project communication.