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Discover the Vision Room

Nowhere else in the world will you find the kind of digital visualisation possibilities offered by obra’s 3D cave and its intuitive operation. The cave is in use every day – mostly for projects in the property sector. However, the technology is also used in numerous other projects that require 3D information, to deliver precise insights and thus useful grounds for making decisions. The technology is a valuable tool in architecture, urban planning, aircraft manufacturing, court forensics and many other applications.

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Use in the development of orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology

Virtual 3D printing

“This smart 3D simulation is completely unrivalled. It provides precise insights into product structures and thus can act as a helpful basis for making development and design decisions”, says Daniel Gelbart, member of the Executive Board at ORTHO-TEAM.


Moonwalk by Obra

Walking on the moon – it’s many people’s dream. The rendering specialists at obra visual AG in Zurich have created a realistic digital simulation of the first landing on the Earth’s moon so that visitors to its 3D Vision Room can imagine standing between Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon.


Patio Zürich - Intershop Management AG

Online makeover! Together with Intershop Management AG, we gave Patio a new look. We would like to thank them for this superb collaboration and their confidence in our work.


Ziegelei site in Dättnau - Keller Prefadom AG

Ready for marketing! On behalf of Keller Prefadom AG, we created all of the visualisations for the Ziegelei project in Dättnau, including the 360° virtual reality tours.


Raiffeisen Sursee competition – Jaeggi Architekten

We would like to congratulate Jaeggi Architekten, who achieved first place in the competition for Raiffeisen Bank in Sursee.


Mattenhof – Lucerne, Mobimo Management AG

obra is proud to be involved in the visual imagery for the Mattenhof – Lucerne project.


Lyss primary school competition – Dolmus architects

We would like to congratulate Dolmus architects on achieving second place in the competition for the new primary school in Lyss – it was great working with you.


Zug Estates AG – Suurstoffi site, Risch Rotkreuz

We enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Zug Estates AG. It is an honour to provide part of the visual imagery for the Suurstoffi site.
obra was responsible for creating 11 visualisations.

Contact for journalists

If you are a media representative looking for an expert opinion on topics such as rendering, film and animation, virtual reality, the Vision Room, or information about property marketing concepts, the experts at obra will be happy to help.

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