Moonwalk by Obra

Moonwalk by Obra

Our partner company, obra, has created a detailed simulation of the first moon landing as a digital 3D experience.

Walking on the moon – it’s many people’s dream. The rendering specialists at obra visual AG in Zurich have created a realistic digital simulation of the first landing on the Earth’s moon so that visitors to its 3D Vision Room can imagine standing between Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon’s surface.

Nowhere else in the world will you find the kind of digital visualisation possibilities offered by obra’s 3D cave and its intuitive operation. The cave is in use every day – mostly for projects in the property sector. However, the technology is also used in numerous other projects that require 3D information, to deliver precise insights and thus useful grounds for making decisions.

INIZIA relies on obra’s technology and Vision Room for its project development.

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